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Fitness for Student Athletes
Student request for credit toward high school graduation for activity outside of the regular Spokane Public Schools fitness program

Spokane Public Schools graduation requirements are established to provide each student with the best possible educational experiences, and to comply with state statutes. Not all students have the same needs, nor do all students necessarily benefit from identical experiences.

Therefore, Spokane Public Schools may grant credit toward high school graduation for planned experiences meeting a student's particular needs PROVIDED:

  1. That the program toward credit is approved by the Executive Director of Curriculum/Designee through this process prior to the student's enrollment and/or participation in such an activity.
  2. The student successfully completes the cognitive components of Fitness and Health via Spokane Virtual Learning.
  3. The student completes a full season as a regular participant in the approved activity in good standing.
  4. A pass grade (P) will be entered on the student's permanent academic record after the student completes all components of the program.

SVL Fitness for Student Athletes Below are the required steps for students who are seeking a .5 or 1.0 credit in Fitness via an alternative physical activity and an approved sport. One semester of approved alternative physical activity correlates to a .5 credit toward the Fitness requirement.

There are two components that must be successfully completed in order to earn an SVL Fitness Student Athlete credit:

  1. Successful completion of written curriculum components via SVL course and,
  2. Successful completion in an athletic activity that is either a school based program or a directed community activity*. See approved athletic activities on the "Verification of Athletic Participation."


  1. Join your school based or directed community activity. See approved athletic activities on the ‚ÄúVerification of Athletic Participation‚ÄĚ form. DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE

  2. Register for SVL Fitness for Student Athlete via your school counselor.
    Fall Sports: 1st semester

    Winter Sports:
    • 1st semester (must complete coursework but will receive "incomplete" for 1st semester until the sport season is completed)


    • 2nd semester

    Spring Sports: 2nd semester

    Summer Sports: SVL Summer session, fee-based

  3. Attend the SVL Orientation for semester enrolled.

  4. Submit your signed Verification of Athletic Participation Form to your SVL Teacher.

Students must successfully complete both their online course of study and their approved activity in order to have credit applied to their transcript. Coaches will be asked to verify that the student did indeed complete the season or sport in good standing which includes a minimum of 3 days per week and a minimum of 60 hours (except for Summer sports) of physical fitness.

*By definition, exercise is a physical activity conducted with the intention of developing physical fitness. In order to improve physical fitness one must be involved in exercise activities that employ the components of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, agility and quickness, speed, balance and coordination. RCW 49.60.500 defines "Community athletics program" as an athletic program that is organized for the purpose of training for and engaging in athletic activity and competition. It is operated, conducted, administered, or supported by a city, town, county, district, or school district other than those offered by the school and created solely for the students by the school.


Policy: 4410 - High School Graduation Procedure: 8140 - Alternative Learning Experience in Fitness Form No. 62-0094 Rev. 2/12

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