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REPORT FOR : Alyssa Genther in Health - (13-14)
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Getting Started 2525manually added by teacher
Introduction to Health

Well done here on your Intro Questionnaire!I enjoyed reading your work and getting your perspective on some of these issues!

Create a Health Triangle

This triangle is absolutely PERFECT!
You have met ALL the requirements.... I like your last slide... "What's the point?"  its so good to know what the point is..... I LIKE IT!


Health and Wellness Assessment

GREAT job here on your assessment!
Really like your answers... very thorough and complete... well done!

SMART Goals Assignment

I love your SMART goal!
Good luck!
I hope you can accomplish that goal!

Personal Action Plan

Nice job on your ACTION PLAN!Good luck in reaching your goal!

Making Decisions: PowerPoint Practice

OK.... I like your final decision here BUT the instructions ask you to USE THE 6 STEP PROCESS... and in bold it says "(I need to see each of the 6 steps per decision... made for each scenario listed.)

So... I was looking for MORE...
I'd love to see how you process each decision and came to your final choice....
You do state and give your final step 6 decision, So, you have about half (or just a bit less) of the assignment correct.  Please resubmit if you'd like.

Dr. Phil Response

Excellent job here on the Dr Phil work!
Its spot on!

Goal Setting & Decision Making Assessment 045//
Lesson 2: Nutrients Questionnaire

Looks really good here... well done!

Lesson 1: The Importance of Nutrition Questionnaire

Good start here on Lesson 1!
looks great!

Lesson 3: Healthy Food Questionnaire

Great job on this one!
Looks great!

Lesson 4: Nutrition Labels and Food Safety Questionnaire

This one was short and sweet!
Good job!

Body Image & Eating Disorder Assignment

Well done here with the Body Image PPT and eating disorder worksheet!  I love that you went out and did your OWN research... great job!
This is such an important topic and I appreciate your work here awareness is the key!
Good job!

Nutrition Assessment

Awesome job on this assessment.... well done

A few things on the top portion... that is auto- corrected but the bottom portion looks great!~

One Choice Video Reflection

Thanks for sharing.... I agree with you!  just so sad and tragic

Teen Drinking Facts Assignment

Thanks, that is better

Good job here with the fact about Alcohol worksheet!
Important to know the facts and have as much information as possible to allow us to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol!

Teen Drinking Video Questionnaire

thanks, this looks much better and I apprecaite your response

Alcohol Assessment

OK this alcohol assessment was long and hard. Good effort here!
Here are the sections and how you did on each:
Part A: you missed #2, 5, 7, 9, 14

Part B: you missed #5 the third answer

Part C: you missed #2

"Smoking Kills" Reflection

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here on the Bryan Curtis Story!  It is shocking to see the rapid decline in his health!

Tobacco Assessment

Nice job here on the Tobacco Assessment!
Part A has a word bank but I did accept some "other" answers.... so you may notice that!
Part B has a couple of answers that I accept both T & F and Part C is pretty straight forward:)
Here are your results:
Part A: none

Part B:none

Part C: part of 4- high chances of getting addicted on the first try

  you did great.... good job

Intro Video Clip Reflection

Isnt this sad and horrible evidence of how badly Meth can destroy a life?
Thanks for your reflection!
So important to know the statistics!

Intro to Drugs Questionnare

Thanks for your work here with the Illegal Drugs Questionnaire!
There are some really valuable statistics here. Thanks for taking the time to view and complete the workwell done!

Marijuana, Inhalants & Steroids Questionnaire

Thanks for your work here...

This Marijuana, Inhalants and Steroids Q was long...
you did well.

Good work!

Psychoactive Drugs Questionnaire

Great job with this very long Psychoactive Drug Questionnaire! There was a lot to this ~ with multiple answers to the Signs and Symptoms portion. So you did quite well with this!
Good job!

Living Drug Free Questionnaire: PowerPoint #4

Great job completing the Illegal Drug unit! Looks good
Now on to the test! Remember, the test will cover a lot of information, most of which is covered throughout the unit in the videos and power points but there will be some content that is NOT .. so please dig in! Research using google, specific drug websites, ask a professional, etc GOOD LUCK!

Drug Assessment

Good job here on the Assessment!
It was long and hard and there were a lot of answers you had to independently research!
Here are your results:


FILL IN THE BLANK: #6, 16, 18, 20, 21


Thanks for your work here:)

Create your own "Understanding Cancer" Power Point

Thanks for the work here on the PPT!
It looks very good.
Your cancers are well detailed and explained and I appreciated learning about the cancers you chose to discuss!

Diabetes Google Search Assignment

Thanks for your work here on the Diabetes Research!
This is~ unfortunately, affecting more and more people in our community and schools today.
It is so important to have some knowledge about it. WELL DONE!

"What is Depression" Video Clip Reaction

Great job here with the video clip reaction!
Looks really good

Prezi Review Hand Out

Nicely done here on the Prezi Review!
This review is a good summary of the material and youve done a nice job with your answers!

Stress, Depression and Suicide Prevention Assessment

Thank you for your work here on the Stress and Depression Assessment!
You did very wellas usual!
Here are your results:
Part A:   well done you missed none on this section
Part B: Spencers Story. Awesome job here too.
Part C: This section was hard specifically with the instructions indicating that you needed to REWRITE the false statements to make them trueyou did that perfectly.... great job.  Most students did not read those directions and you did :) 

Thanks, good job!


Create a Flyer / Brochure Assignment

Great job here on your First Aid Flyer!
This sounds awful and NO FUN at all... good pictures too:)
Glad you could gain and share some information on it!

Unit 6 First Aid Assessment 202512/01/2013
Unit 6 CPR Assessment 152512/01/2013
Mononucleosis Research Assignment

Thanks for your work here on the Mono assignment!

It's right on!

Create a PowerPoint

Great job here on the PPT
Looks good with interesting facts on all your common ailments!

Understanding Hepatitis Google Search Assignment 030//
Teens and Sexual Activity Statistics

Great job here on the Teens & Sexual Activity Statistic work....
I also appreciated your reflection statements... the last two...they were good

Reproductive System Vocab

Good job here on the Quiz! Looks good!
Heres the key to double check your answers!
G   I     F     H     C     A    B     M   E     L     O     N   D     K     G

GLBTQ Awareness Education Questionnaire

Really nice job here on the GLBTQ work this is such an important topic and its great to have knowledge and understanding of the content. Thanks!

STD Slide Show Reaction

Thanks for reflecting here about the STD Slide Show. I LOVE YOUR RESPONSIBLE AND MATURE REACTION... THANK YOU!
Not everyone has the same opinion about this but I do believe that it provides students with useful information to go along with ~ what may seem like gross and disgusting pictures! The reality is this is what happens when STDs are contracted so to see it and understand what it looks like is important to know!

STD Review

Well done... missed only one

HIV / AIDS Intro Assignment

Well done,
Thanks for your work!

Importance of Abstinence

THis one looks good too!
Thanks for your work here!

Human Growth and Development Assessment

you did VERY WELL on this montser test!  Great job here.... and congrats on completing the course and finishing strong!
Thank you for that!

Your Total points So Far:1332.5
Total points possible:1468
You have completed :44 of the 46 assignments listed. This is approximately 96% of the assignments in the class