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REPORT FOR : Alyssa Genther in Health - (13-14)
07/26/2017 - Created By:
Title Feedback Points Points Possible Turned In
Getting Started 2525manually added by teacher
Introduction to Health 252509/08/2013
Create a Health Triangle 252509/09/2013
Health and Wellness Assessment 444409/15/2013
SMART Goals Assignment 101009/15/2013
Personal Action Plan 101009/15/2013
Making Decisions: PowerPoint Practice 204009/28/2013
Dr. Phil Response 303009/28/2013
Goal Setting & Decision Making Assessment 045//
Lesson 2: Nutrients Questionnaire 202010/07/2013
Lesson 1: The Importance of Nutrition Questionnaire 202010/07/2013
Lesson 3: Healthy Food Questionnaire 202010/07/2013
Lesson 4: Nutrition Labels and Food Safety Questionnaire 202010/07/2013
Body Image & Eating Disorder Assignment 404010/12/2013
Nutrition Assessment 526010/12/2013
One Choice Video Reflection 202010/20/2013
Teen Drinking Facts Assignment 202010/20/2013
Teen Drinking Video Questionnaire 151510/20/2013
Alcohol Assessment 42.54910/20/2013
"Smoking Kills" Reflection 202010/27/2013
Tobacco Assessment 383910/27/2013
Intro Video Clip Reflection 303011/03/2013
Intro to Drugs Questionnare 252511/03/2013
Marijuana, Inhalants & Steroids Questionnaire 303011/03/2013
Psychoactive Drugs Questionnaire 505011/03/2013
Living Drug Free Questionnaire: PowerPoint #4 202011/03/2013
Drug Assessment 677511/03/2013
Create your own "Understanding Cancer" Power Point 505011/11/2013
Diabetes Google Search Assignment 505011/15/2013
"What is Depression" Video Clip Reaction 101011/24/2013
Prezi Review Hand Out 303011/24/2013
Stress, Depression and Suicide Prevention Assessment 616111/24/2013
Create a Flyer / Brochure Assignment 303012/01/2013
Unit 6 First Aid Assessment 202512/01/2013
Unit 6 CPR Assessment 152512/01/2013
Mononucleosis Research Assignment 252512/08/2013
Create a PowerPoint 505012/08/2013
Understanding Hepatitis Google Search Assignment 030//
Teens and Sexual Activity Statistics 252512/15/2013
Reproductive System Vocab 151512/15/2013
GLBTQ Awareness Education Questionnaire 303012/15/2013
STD Slide Show Reaction 252512/21/2013
STD Review 242501/17/2014
HIV / AIDS Intro Assignment 101001/17/2014
Importance of Abstinence 252501/17/2014
Human Growth and Development Assessment 9910001/18/2014
Your Total points So Far:1332.5
Total points possible:1468
You have completed :44 of the 46 assignments listed. This is approximately 96% of the assignments in the class