Spokane Virtual Learning
Don Brummett
Don Brummett

Manager of Virtual Programs & Technology
(509) 354-7545
Contact Mr. Brummett

Doug Robnet

Assistant Principal

Contact Mr. Robnett

Warren Presley
Warren Presley

SVL Technical Support Specialist
(509) 354-7585
Contact Mr. Presley

Suzie Heimbigner
Suzie Heimbigner

SVL Support Specialist Lead
(509) 354-7590
Contact Ms. Heimbigner

Amanda Kopczynski
Amanda Kopczynski

SVL Support Specialist - Elem
(509) 354-7580
Contact Ms. Kopczynski

Ashley power
Ashley Power

District Partner Support Specialist
(509) 354-7546
Contact Ms. Power

Katie Williamson
Katie Williamson

SVL/iCAN Support Specialist
(509) 354-7543
Contact Ms. Williamson

Molly Lesley
Molly Lesley

MS SVL/iCan Support Specialist
(509) 354-7588
Contact Ms. Lesley

Tyson Wiese
Tysen Wiese

SVL Program Support Specialist
(509) 354-7567
Contact Mr. Wiese

Dylan Cowett
James Smith

SVL Student Worker

Contact Mr. Smith

Jenifer Seipp
Jenifer Seipp

Elementary Lead
(509) 354-7583
Contact Ms. Seipp

Kathy Brummett
Kathy Brummett

Elementary Teacher
(509) 354-7586
Contact Ms. Brummett

Jeremiah Drennen
Jeremiah Drennen

Elementary Teacher
(509) 354-7581
Contact Mr. Drennen

Kathy Brummett
Delynn Hughes

Elementary Teacher
(509) 354-7584
Contact Ms. Hughes

LeShea Hays
LeShea Hays

Elementary Teacher
(509) 354-7555
Contact Ms. Hays

Kristi Allen
Karlee Cohen

Elementary Teacher
(509) 354-7587
Contact Ms. Cohen

Kristi Allen
Brighid Rau

Elementary Teacher
(509) 354-7552
Contact Ms. Rau

Joet Fisher

Spanish Teacher

Contact Ms. Fisher





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Spokane Public Schools complies with all federal and state laws and regulations and does not discriminate.

It is the policy of the School Board to ensure that student records are created, maintained, disseminated,
and disposed of as required by law and as deemed necessary
and appropriate to provide for the educational welfare of students
and support of District's educational programs, and/or for the orderly
and efficient operation of schools.

The Board directs the superintendent to establish procedures
that govern the collection, content, management and control of student records.
(Refer to Policy 6220 for District policy on public record requests.)