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Is online learning right for me?
Welcome to the Spokane Virtual Learning self-assessment quiz.

Online education provides flexibility for students, but it's definitely not for everyone! Before you sign up for online courses, please take the self-assessment below to see if online learning is a good fit for you.

1. Right now, I use the Internet:
    Several times a week.
    Once or twice a week.
    Less than once per week.
2. I have a computer:
    Readily available at home or at school.
    That I can get to, but cannot always use.
    That is not really available to me.
3. When I am asked to use software or technologies that I haven't used before (such as e-mail, voice mail, a VCR):
    I look forward to learning new skills.
    I feel apprehensive, but try anyway.
    I put it off or try to avoid it.
4. I would classify myself as:
    Someone who is a self-starter and internally motivated.
    Someone who needs occasional prodding to accomplish goals.
    Someone who works best when pushed by others.
5. When it comes to assessing my own progress:
    I feel as if I can keep tabs on my progress, even without immediate or frequent feedback from my instructor.
    I prefer to receive regular feedback from my instructor, but don't mind if I can't get that feedback immediately after turning in a test or assignment.
    I need feedback from my instructor immediately and often.
6. I would classify myself as someone who:
    Is good at prioritizing tasks and often gets things done ahead of time without being reminded by my instructor.
    Needs to be reminded of assignments once in a while, and often does assignments at the last minute.
    Is poor at prioritizing and sometimes forgets to complete assignments if I'm not reminded about them frequently.
7. Considering my schedule, the amount of time I have to work on an online course is:
    7-9 or more hours per week.
    4-6 hours per week.
    1-3 hours per week.
8. When I need help understanding something:
    I am comfortable approaching an instructor to ask for clarification.
    I am uncomfortable approaching an instructor, but do it anyway.
    I never approach an instructor to admit I don't understand something.
9. My reading and writing abilities are:
    Above average. I enjoy reading and writing and have confidence in my abilities.
    Okay. I read well but I’m not comfortable expressing myself in writing.
    Below average. I don’t like reading and look for classes without a lot of writing assignments.
10. Class discussions are:
    Important to me and useful in helping me learn the information presented in class. I almost always participate in class discussions.
    Somewhat important to my learning. I sometimes participate in class discussions.
    Not very useful to me. I don’t usually participate in class discussions.
11. If I had to describe my predominant learning style/preference, I would say it is:
    Visual -- I learn best when I can read the course materials or view graphics and other visuals.
    Auditory -- I learn best when I can listen to an explanation of a concept.
    Tactile -- I learn best by "doing" (for instance conducting an experiment in a lab).
12. I am considering taking an online course because:
    I’ve taken an online class before and enjoyed the experience.
    I’m curious about online classes and have room in my schedule.
    I need the class for a requirement, and I can’t fit it in to my regular schedule.

   Your Score

Is Online Learning For Me?

To assess whether online learning is for you, compare the score listed in the box above, with the assessment listed below.

  • 16 points or higher - An online course is a real possibility for you.
  • Between 8 and 15 points - An online course may work for you, but you may need to make a few adjustments in your schedule and study habits to succeed.
  • Less than 8 points - An online course may not currently be the best alternative for you.

Note: Even if your score is not 16 points or higher, online learning could still be a possibility. Speak with your school counselor for more information.