Spokane Virtual Learning District Partnerships

Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL) makes it easy for districts to provide their own online learning program with no upfront costs or loss of FTE

Here is how SVL can help:

  • School Districts can create their own virtual learning learning arm.
  • Personalized student interface is seamless and looks like your own.
  • There are no upfront fees! Cost is based on per student / per course.
  • You can keep your FTE.
  • Curriculum is created in-house and aligned to state standards
  • Teachers are Washington State Certified and Highly Qualified (WEA) OR you can use your own teachers with our curriculum only option.
  • Courses are backed by a strong student support structure.
  • Create a district-to-district relationship

Extensive lists of courses are offered to students in grades 8-12 consisting of:

  • 47 core
  • 7 AP College Board-approved
  • Culminating Project
  • Credit Retrieval

District to District

Common District - to - District forms

  • District Partner Brochure
  • District-to-District Partnership Agreement

  • Interdistrict Agreement
    • This form is used when your district is releasing the funding for the class or classes that your student is taking. For example: If the student is taking 2 classes from us and 4 from you, you would sign the agreement and release .4 FTE to us. ( .2 per class * 2 classes = .4 ).

  • Tuition Form
    • This is the form you would use for us to bill your district is you are keeping the FTE for the student. This is also the form a student who is paying for the class would send in with the registration form and their payment.

For more information, call Kristin Whiteaker
at 509-879-1188
or email KristinW@SpokaneSchools.Org

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