Setting a Recurring Appointment in GroupWise

PC Users: GroupWise Calendar – Setting a Recurring Appointment (by Example)



There are several ways to approach setting a recurring appointment in GroupWise.  The simplest way to go about it is via the “by Example” method.  This article will show you the way.  If you want, you can create this situation in your own GroupWise calendar.   We will also show you how to remove the results of this example at the end



Here’s the situation:


You want to schedule your own GroupWise calendar to show a series of meetings from March through May.  These meetings will occur every Thursday from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.



To create this situation:



  • Log into your own GroupWise email account, and be in the Calendar.  The screen shots in this example will show the Calendar in March 2002 monthly view.



  • Right-Click on the first Thursday in March (the 7th), and click on "New", and then on "Appointment". Leave the addressing information as is (with you won name).

  • From this screen, click on the "Actions" menu, and then on "Auto-Date".



  • With the following screen, click on the "Example" tab at the top.


  • Click once each on the months March, April, and May to highlight them. If you need to remove the highlight, click the month again.


  • Be sure "Days of the Week" are showing in the dropdown list and then click once each on the 1st through 5th for Thursday to highlight them. If you need to remove a highlight, click on the item again. Don't worry about the "Range" information, which shows the Start and End period; just leave this section as it is.


  • Now, click the OK button at the bottom of this screen, and you will be returned to the previous appointment screen as shown below. To set the Start time for the appointment and the End time, click on the clock button (where it is showing 12:00 pm), and adjust the Start time indicator (the Green triangle) to the 2:00 pm position, and the End time indicator (the Red triangle) to 3:30 pm. Click OK on the Time Input screen to return to the previous appointment screen.

  • Finally, fill in the Subject line and Message box with something of your own creation and then click on the Send button.
  • Congratulations! Take a look at your calendar and verify that all Thursdays in March, April and May now contain your appointment.
If you want to remove the appointments you just created in this practice exercise, do the following:


From your GroupWise calendar point to and then right-click on any one of the Thursday dates that contains on of your practice appointments. From the resulting popup menu, normal click on the the Delete" option.


               The following dialog screen will appear:



You only created these practice appointments in your own calendar, so no other recipients were involve. It doesn't matter in this case if you leave this check box checked. Just click on the OK button.


                      One more dialog box will appear:
If you want to remove all of these practice appointments, click on the "All Instances" button.