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Computer Requirements for SVL Classes

PC: 200Mhz+ processor, 800x600 monitor (1024x768 recommended), 28k modem (56k or higher recommended)

Macintosh: G3, 800x600 monitor (1024x768 recommended), 28k modem (56k or higher recommended)

***There are known issues with Macintosh and the ability to use the text editors in Blackboard. Please tell your instructor if you have a Macintosh**

Many courses assume that you have the following software in order to complete assignments and presentations.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Excel

You may be able to view coursework without having these programs but you will have to download a viewer which is available here:

Download Viewer

Some course content may require specific plugins in order to be displayed properly in a Web browser. The Plugin Tester provides access to the most common plugins as well as tests whether they have been installed. Participants will need daily access to the World Wide Web, preferably through a high-speed connection (e.g., cable modem, DSL).You must also have access to a valid e-mail address.

AOL: AOL users will not be able to use the AOL browser for most SPS Blackboard activities. AOL users will need to minimize the AOL browser, and then open and use either Internet Explorer or Netscape for their browser.
CompuServe: It is highly recommended that CompuServe not be used as a participant's primary ISP. It is mostly incompatible with Blackboard and other applications that are used in courses and communication.

**While it may be possible to access the online classes with a different setup than that listed above, Blackboard and the class work may not function properly. This situation will seriously affect your ability to successfully complete the classes**