Employee Discount Program
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Dear Spokane Area Business Owner:

After requests from several Spokane-area businesses to offer discount programs to Spokane Public Schools employees during the past few years, the school district is in the process of creating an Employee Discount Program on the district’s website for our employees. We would like to invite you to participate in this program. As you may know, Spokane Public Schools is one of the largest employers in the region and we believe your business will be enriched by association with our 4,000 plus employees and their family members. As a member of the business community, you realize how vital it is to have a loyal customer base. Likewise, as an employer, we know the value of incentives and benefits for our employees. We hope you will therefore join us in this effort to launch an innovative way for our employees to be inspired to shop with participating Spokane-area businesses while, at the same time, helping to build your customer base.

As part of your participation in this employee discount program for Spokane Public Schools employees, we request that the discount you offer be significantly greater than that offered to the general public. Other than your discount offer, there is no additional cost to you. We plan to launch the discount program in February 2005, and listings will continuously be added. Upon district approval, the discounts will be displayed on our Employee Discount Program website for our staff to view. In addition, updates to the participating vendor list and new discounts will be highlighted on the district's website.

If this new program sounds interesting to you, please do the following by clicking the links:

Online, you will be able to enter one ongoing discount for up to a year, and two short-term discounts per year. Annually, you will need to update your discount program for Spokane Public Schools employees. You are encouraged to include a link to your business website in the discount advertisement. Some sample discounts have been included for your reference in the Vendor agreement.

We hope you will be a part of this exciting new program! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mike Binyon, our district’s Manager of Payroll and Benefits, at (509) 354-7205 or mikeb@spokaneschools.org. Mr. Binyon is coordinating the program. Thank you in advance for your consideration and anticipated participation. We look forward to working with you.


Dr. Mark E. Anderson
Associate Superintendent, School Support Services
Spokane Public Schools