Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are spouses, domestic partners, and dependents eligible for this benefit?

    Yes, spouses, domestic partners, and immediate dependents have access to the Discount Program. Depending on the Vendor, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents may be required to provide Spokane Public Schools employee proof of employment (District ID Badge) with them at the time of purchase.

  2. Is there a cost associated with the program?

    No, the program is free to all eligible users and Vendors (outside of the discount offer).

  3. How do I obtain discounts?

    Each offer will contain redemption instructions within the description field. In most cases you’ll be required to present your district ID badge.

  4. Are there expiration dates associated with the discounts offered?

    Yes, expiration dates are contained within the offer description field for each offer.

  5. Whom do I contact if I am not satisfied with a product or service I obtain through this program?

    If you have problems or questions, please contact the vendors directly. No one in Spokane Public Schools will be able to resolve any of your problems or issues.

  6. Am I getting the absolute best deal?

    All of the vendors that are a part of this program were requested to “offer a discount that is significantly greater than that offered to the general public”. As a savvy consumer you are ultimately responsible for determining whether or not you’re finding the best deal to suit your individual needs. We all have shopping choices whether it’s purchasing a home or a quick lunch at your favorite restaurant. The Spokane Public Schools Employee Discount Program is attempting to provide you with “suggestions to savings” and in no way infers or guarantees that offers included in our program are the absolute best deal around.

  7. Why aren’t there more offers listed?

    This is a new program for the District. We sent letters of invitation to hundreds of vendors. We will continue to add new offers as we receive confirmations from businesses. You can help us expand the choices by conversing directly with a potential discount vendor and referring them to our web site.

  8. Are Spokane Public School retirees eligible for this benefit?

    No, retirees are not eligible for this program.